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April 2nd- April 28th 2018

Funds raised go to our day to day operation, developmental projects and programs such as community outreach, Annual showcases, and instruments donations. Donations received are the backbone of our school. Please donate online below or send your checks by mail @ 1395 Lyons Road Coconut Creek, FL 33063.

Music 4 Young Voices is located in the heart of South Florida. 1395 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek 33063.  The school has been providing the tri-county area with quality music education for the past 5 years.  Music 4 Young Voices takes great pride in featuring a roster of distinguished music professionals who love to teach students ages 5-17. 

Any child who has musical potential deserves the opportunity to nurture this talent to its full extent. Many children lack the chance to receive music lessons due to financial need.  Due to difficult circumstances, countless families are unable to afford the high cost of private music lessons which are essential for any aspiring musician. Music 4 Young Voices locates dedicated families with a child interested in music and offers them the opportunity to take private lessons.

More than a 100 students are engaged in private or structured group lessons weekly. Your gift can help ensure that more children have the opportunity to participate in our children chorus, orchestra, studio recording, and other ensembles based on their age group. Our monthly concert gives families, friends and the community a place to witness the students' pursuit of greatness.

Music 4 Young Voices relies on generous donors like you to give students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to showcase their talents through our Annual Student Recital. The Student Recital provides more than 100 free opportunities to hear the exceptional young musicians of Music 4 Young Voices. Recitals take place during the Spring and the Winter.  

Your Gift helps to provide free or reduced quality music education and music therapy to hundreds of students in South Florida. Your donation supports the underprivileged and special need youths by sustaining our financial aid program making music lessons or music therapy affordable for students demonstrating financial needs. Nearly 90% of our students are receiving music education or music therapy for free or reduced cost because of donors like you. 

Music 4 Young Voices is a local nonprofit music school whose tuition payments do not cover our operating costs. We rely upon generous donations and grants from people like you!

All Gifts no matter the method or amount are important to Music 4 Young Voices' financial health and ability to deliver on its mission.  Give online now using our secure giving for and a major credit card through PayPal. 

The benefits of music education are astounding, and studies have consistently exposed the tremendously positive effect music education has on a child’s academic performance, sense of community, self­-expression and self­-esteem. To donate by mail, please send your check payable to "Music 4 Young Voices to: 1395 Lyons Road Coconut Creek Florida.

Broader lives through music for all financially disadvantaged children and teens.   We aim to provide our youth with the resources they need to lead positive, productive, and self-reliant lives. We work tirelessly to ensure that our music program has the funding to continue providing opportunities to students, while constantly expanding to reach more students each year. 

We rely on our community of generous donors to support these efforts.  Music 4 Young Voices Music School is pleased to have the support of important institutions in the arts, as well as generous individuals who make our work possible. Music 4 Young Voices is also grateful to those who contributed significantly in-kind goods or services in support of Music 4 Young Voice music school's mission.
Music 4 Young Voices leverages our student’s innate talents and elevates the next generation of performers by providing audiences, venues, and special performance opportunities, while at the same time enriching the listening experience of the public with performances from aspiring artists across a wide range of genres that exist in the increasingly diverse world of music. 

Children learn music, all instruments and voice through private and structured group lessons. Our students Produce and create great music with hands on all major recording software. Live community performances, ensembles, orchestra, chorus and more. Music therapy for special needs children. We appreciate your consideration to help us fulfill our mission statement and make a difference in many many children's lives. 
         Music 4 Young Voices is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID #: 46-3779865). Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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