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Creative Minds

"Your child composes it, builds it, plays it, creates it, designs it and we promote and market it".

Every Child is extremely gifted in one thing or another. Whether it is in music, art, or building and creating something unique and unusual. At music 4 young voices, we take pride in nurturing children's true potentials by providing an environment where they can unlock their gifts. Call us or come see a representative about how to enroll your child in "Creative Minds."

Music 4 Young Voices 

Our combined private and group lessons allows students to have a weekly private music lesson with an instructor who will help them with the  fundamental music skills and concepts while rehearse the performance songs that they will be playing in a group setting. 

Students will team up with others of their age group to practice and perform songs that they love. This philosophy will help motivate and challenge the students to excel on their musical endeavor while enjoying the company of other students.  

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