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Auditions for C5, C4o, Kids & Teenage Modern Bands are ongoing. Contact to set up your audition date.

Church Choir

Coconut Creek Community Children Chorus (C5)

Boys and Girls Ages 12-17 can join the Coconut Creek Children Chorus. Auditions are require to measure students' ability to sing in tune and vocal placements.

Coconut Creek Community Children Orchestra (C4o).

Auditions For all Strings, Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion Instruments are ongoing. Students must be able to play their instruments in order to participate. 

Empty Orchestra Stage
Music Class

Modern Bands

Students that are able to play guitars, Drums, Keyboards, and other modern instruments can participate. Ability to play and perform in front of an audience. Don't have to be current music 4 Young Voices students. Auditions are ongoing.

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